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Generate QR Codes from your PC


Now, you can create your own QR Codes directly from your computer. That way, you can send content optically to your Android: Just create a QR Code in your computer and scan it with your Android.

To generate a QR Code, just do this:

  • In your computer, open your favorite browser and go to:

  • You will see this:

  • Now, choose which kind of QR Code you want to create:
    • URL: A Web address, starting with http:// or https://
    • Text: Any plain text
    • Phone #: A phone number to initiate a call
    • SMS: A phone number and a message to be sent
    • E-mail: Initiates an e-mail message, with optional subject and body
    • Contact: A full contact, including name, phone, e-mail an more
    • Calendar Event: A detailed calendar event. When scanned, a new event will be added to your device
    • Geo Location: Given a latitude and longitude, or a Google Map link, creates a QR Code pointing there
    • Android App: Given an app package (Ex: la.droid.qr for QR Droid), creates a QR Codes that open its details in Android Market
  • For example, select “Android app“, enter package la.droid.qr. Then click Color and choose any dark color you want

  • Finally, press button “Generate”. Your QR Code will be shown at bottom

  • A short URL to your QR Code will be shown. In this case You can just copy it and paste in Facebook, Twitter, in your e-mail or whenever you’d like. Note this short URL won’t redirect to any location; it’s a real, final URL address.
  • To save created QR Code, just right-click image and select “Save image…”
  • To show this QR Code in you Web page, just copy generated HTML code and paste it anywhere HTML code is accepted
  • To send that information to your Android, just open app QR Droid and scan created QR Code, or just long-click your device’s Search button. For example, QR Code created in this example will point to Android Market > QR Droid

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