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QR Code permalink

As you may have noticed, I just added a “QR Code permalink” at bottom of each post in, like this one. This QR Code contains a short-link to post, for example: Besides that, you can see that these QR Codes link to a Web address like this one:… That address let everyone […]
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QR Droid v3.5

QR Droid version 3.5 has been released! What’s new: World wide availability: QR Droid is now available in 18 languages! You can use it in: English, Danish, Japanese, German, Dutch, Korean, Norwegian, Romanian, French, Czech, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Chinese (China), Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (Taiwan). Scan in both portrait and landscape orientations. Thanks for […]
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External Reviews

Here, we list some of many reviews of QR Droid which are available all over the Net, by independent bloggers and writers. This way, you’ll be able to check out what others think about this app, and come to your own conclusions! If you’ve written a review of your own, or found one that is […]
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QR Droid History

QR  Droid always saves all QR Codes you scan with your camera, decode or create (of course, it stores locally only, no data leaves your device). You don’t need to enable any feature, everything will be saved in History, so you can use it again or show that QR Code to anybody else to share […]
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Periodic Table Droid v2.0

Although this is not related to QR Codes, I want to announce here latest version of our other Android app: Periodic Table Droid v2.0. This version adds some interesting features, specially its new Quiz mode, ideal to make sure you’re ready for next test in School. This has been added to an already full list […]
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